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Bentley Bentayga V8 SUV

Montag, 5. Mär. 2018

Most Bentley customers have an SUV in their stable. So we already knew that typical Bentley customer uses an SUV a lot. Bentleys have always been about strength solidity, safety, performance and obviously with the continental four-wheel drive so all those attributes together obviously make a fantastic base for an SUV. So it was a logical next step for Bentley.

New under the hood is a brand new 8 Cylinder 90 degree V, four litre engine we co-developed with Porsche. It’s got twin-scroll turbochargers, it has got cylinder deactivation and it's producing 550 PS.

It’s all about customer choice. Luxury is about choice luxury is about personalisation luxury is about what do you want from your car, so the W12 really represents the ultimate in luxury, the ultimate in refinement but for some markets there's something about a V8 there's something about the character of V8 there's something about the unique performance characteristics of a V8, that a V8 is the only thing that will do. So our aim with Bentley is, it always has to satisfy whatever the customer demand is.

So the slight weight reduction makes a slight difference, but really the improvement that you get and the sportiness improvment that you get, is from the, certainly from the acoustic, certainly from the response of this engine. They are the main differences that give this sporty appeal.

We take over 130 hours to produce every Bentayga. That’s about 10 times more than a mass production car. Everything is handcrafted in Crew we don't make a premium car, we only make a luxury car. So we can focus our energy, our effort on making it absolutely the best without constraint, without compromises.