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Renault Kadjar —

popular SUV

Freitag, 16. Feb. 2018

SUVs are certainly very popular these days, and they're making car-makers a pile of money. Renault launched its first SUV in 2015, the Kadjar. The model's roots, however, go back to the year 2006.

We tested the 1.6 liter dCi 130 -- the only version that offers all-wheel-drive.

SUVs are rarely driven off-road these days, so all-wheel-drive is no longer a given.

This car, the Bose edition, lists at just under 34 thousand 400 hundred euros in Germany.

As for the styling, the Kadjar is duly chunky. Even bullish. With a high ground clearance. Matt plastic suggests robust ruggedness. What sets this model apart is its unusual curviness.

The cruise control switch is in an odd place, behind the hand brake.

It can pack in some 472 liters of cargo.

The Kadjar offers what might be termed a typically French ride: Instead of firm and sporty, the suspension is soft; the shocks do plenty of absorbing on rough roads. The steering is smooth, but it hardly lets you feel the road.