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Volvo V90 all-wheel-drive

Montag, 5. Feb. 2018

The Swedish high-end car maker has been refreshing its premium product range. The V90 is the third model in the 90 series after the plug-in hybrid XC90 and the S90 executive sedan. We are testing the D5 all-wheel drive diesel with an eight-gear automatic transmission.

Volvo says it consumes 4-point-9 liters per hundred kilometers.

Acceleration from zero to a hundred kilometers per hour takes 7-point-1 seconds. Top speed is 240 kilometers an hour.

All recent Volvos have distinctive LED driving lights.

The V90, just under 5 meters in length, has the typically Scandinavian clarity of line and purity of form. At night, the taillights are unmistakeably Volvo.

The chunky twin exhaust pipes are blatantly sporty.

The digital instruments are well-placed and easy to read.

The large touchscreen display in tablet-style is easy to use and very intuitive. Beautiful materials enhance the feel of luxury.

The D5 starts at 60,400 euros in Germany. With all the extras, it can easily set you back 85 thousand.