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Mitsubishi Space Star

Dienstag, 9. Jan. 2018

Mitsubishi is celebrating its 100th anniversary as an automaker by coming out with a special "Edition100" of the "Space Star" multi-purpose vehicle. In 1917, Mitsubishi introduced the "Model A" -- Japan's first series-production car. Since then, the core of the company's output has been small, family-friendly vehicles. The sixth generation "Space Star" is primarily aimed at younger drivers.

The radiator grille has a 3-D design. The dynamic accents on the front end include distinctively shaped edges and curves on the hood, and a big chrome bar on the rear skirt.

The "Space Star" is 3-point-8 meters long. The extras on the "Edition 100+" model include these cool alloy wheels.

Optional sensors make parking a breeze. In the back, there's a roof spoiler with an integrated brake-light.

The "Space Star" is powered by a three-cylinder gasoline-powered engine -- with a displacement of either one- or one-point-two liters. The engine has a maximum torque of 4000 rpm. This vehicle is perfect for zipping around in city traffic.

The "Space Star" does not offer a particularly dynamic driving experience. On the other hand, it doesn't use much fuel. We didn't get the 4-point-1 liters per 100 km that the manufacturer promises. Our test model came in at five liters -- but that's still pretty efficient.

The chrome and the polished piano lacquer on the steering wheel and the fixtures give the interior a classy look -- in contrast to the hard plastic that seems to be just about everywhere.

Younger drivers will appreciate the smartphone access.

And the "Space Star" comes complete with heated seats.