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Toyota L.A. Motor Show 2017

Mittwoch, 13. Dez. 2017

Jack Hollis, General Manager Toyota North America

The LA Auto Show is always important to Toyota because. Like any oft he major shows, we want to be where the customers are. The LA market is huge. We’ve done a great job here, we got over 20% market share here. It’s an important market to us. It’s important to everybody, but important to Toyota. We’ve been here for so long, our first dealership started in 1957 and 60 years later we’re sitting here right back in LA where we started. So it’s extremely important to us.

The Concept behind me is calles the FTAC, stands for Future Toyota Adventure Concept. We brought this concept about how to give the guest every engredient for their next adventure and I think we did a good job of providing this, kind of unique product that doesn’t really fit into any specific category.

This past year in Aaugust we got to launch our 8th generation, the 2018 Camry which has been our best selling car in America for 15 straight years.

The best thing about the Camry is that it’s all new. All new. Every single piece oft hat vehicle is new. And by doing so we put it on our new TNGA, the Toyota New Global Architecture, the new TNG platform which really allows to do a lot more style to the car. So I think what’s really big about it is the new style as well as a much better performance and handling. You put those two pieces together and I don’t think there’s any driver out there that doesn’t want those two things. And that’s what we‘re providing. Plus a whole bunch of, we got a hybrid that gives you over 50 miles per gallon and I could go on and on about the Camry. But that’s when you got to get in and drive it. You’ll find out why.