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VW Tiguan —

one of the classics

Dienstag, 5. Sep. 2017

Demand for SUVs continues unabated. Nearly every major carmaker maintains their line of Sports Utility Vehicle and related products. Our car reviewer Emmanuel is taking another look at one of the classics of the compact crossover segment: the Volkswagen Tiguan, now in its second generation. Our test car has a two-liter, 110 kilowatt diesel engine.

SUVs are by no means known for their fuel efficiency – even if the carmaker rates consumption at 5-point-7 liters per 100 kilometers. At a good 8-point-6 liters, the Tiguan we checked out proved quite a bit thirstier.

The Tiguan's basic design concept emphasizes the practical use of space. Bold, horizontal contours dominate the front. Broad structural lines underline the car's sporty character.

Side skirting provides protection in rough terrain - and an off-road look.

Depending on how far forward or back the rear seats are, the cargo space ranges between 520 and 615 liters. Folding the seat down means a little over 1650 liters.

Switching to off-road mode activates a range of assists. One improves traction on slippery driving surfaces. Another allows the use of the engine for extra braking on steep descents. The off-road mode handles uneven and muddy terrain quite nicely.

The VW Tiguan starts at just under 27,000 euros in Germany. But the equipment included will only satisfy the most Spartan standards. Adding just a few options swiftly hikes the price closer to 40-thousand. The car we tested with all-wheel drive and direct-shift transmission lists for over 51-thousand euros.