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50th Anniversary Edition Chevrolet Camaro

Freitag, 1. Sep. 2017

The Camaro was first presented in 1966 and hit showroom floors in 1967. Now, the '50th Anniversary Edition' is the sixth generation to carry on the traditions of design and performance that Camaro has stood for right from the start. But is it still the muscle car it once was? Or closer to a run-of-the-mill European sports car?

The new Camaro is shorter, slimmer and lighter than its predecessor. The V8 puts out 333 kilowatts and lays a maximum 617 Newtonmeters torque on the asphalt. That carries it from zero to a hundred kilometers per hour in 4-point-6 seconds. He says performance like that is enough to make any connoisseur's mouth water. Average fuel consumption is rated at 12-point-8 liters per 100 kilometers, but Ronny's somewhat sporty driving pushed it closer to 15 liters.

Performance isn't the only plus for the new Chevrolet Camaro. The sixth generation is also quite a looker. The emblems and badging for the anniversary edition are only minor details. This Camaro looks sleeker and more angular than its predecessor. The rounded contours have disappeared almost completely.

Inside, as well, Chevrolet has obviously done its homework - and left out the slapdash, cheap-looking materials typical of many other American cars. The workmanship here is high quality.