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Tesla Model S —


Montag, 28. Aug. 2017

This is it: a Tesla Model S -- the first fully-electric luxury sedan ever produced in series. Obviously, you can't fill it up at the corner gas station. It needs to be charged. And that goes quickest at one of the carmaker's special charging stations. So Michelle plans to stop at one in the course of today's driving.

The 90 kilowatt-hour battery feeds power to dual motors controlling the front and rear axles -- so the Model S is also an all-wheel drive. It can hit a hundred kilometers an hour from a dead stop in under five seconds, and Tesla claims it has a range of over 550 kilometers.

At first glance, the Model S looks a little odd -- because unlike conventional cars with combustion engines, it doesn't have a radiator grille. That gives the Tesla a futuristic appearance. Otherwise, with pop-out door handles and a sleek coupe-like body, the electric vehicle cuts a very elegant figure.

In all, the Model S has nearly 900 liters of space for luggage or other cargo.

The materials used in the interior are all high-end. Leather highlights make spending time in the car a luxurious experience.

The car's battery is built into the chassis. That gives it a low center of gravity, which improves handling -- and helps the driver feel firmly in control.

The two motors -- one on the front axle, one on the back -- operate independently of each other. That ensures excellent traction.

Michelle's test car costs more than 103,000 euros in Germany.