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Aston Martin DB11 —

official DB9 successor

Montag, 10. Jul. 2017

The official successor to the DB9 is impressive at first sight -- and not just when it's sunny. The DB11 is classically elegant, with proverbial Britsh understatement. Its design language will be the basis for all future Aston Martin models. No sills or spoilers. Out of consideration for the neighbors, the car is even programmed for a silent start: for the first few meters, the noise flaps in the exhaust remain closed. But later -- watch out!

Then the engine roars from all 12 cylinders.

This gentleman-racecar churns out 447 kilowatts and takes just 3-point-9 seconds to rocket to 100 kilometers an hour. Its 700 Newton-meters of torque and top speed of 322 kilometers an hour promise fantastic -- if eccentric -- driving fun.

The car is much faster and more agile than you'd imagine at first sight. Overall, it seems very different from its competitors. There's none of that Ferrari melodrama or gut-wrenching Lamborghini roar. In the DB11, even very high speeds seem routine.