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Skoda Octavia thoroughly re-worked

Freitag, 26. Mai. 2017

Skoda didn't just nip and tuck - they thoroughly re-worked the Octavia. The engineers took on the design, interior, infotainment and many other things. The new front, in particular, looks very different, with its split L-E-D headlights, much like the Mercedes E-Class had from 2009 to 20-14. But now, the Octavia has replaced its bi-xenon lights with the latest L-E-D technology.

The 132-kilowatt, 1-point-8-liter TSI in this test car does its part and carries the Octavia from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 7-point-4 seconds, reaching its maximum speed at 231 kilometers per hour.

Even after the radical makeover, the new Octavia still has the familiar Skoda look, with the brand's easily recognizable grille. The fog lights only come with the second equipment line, the 'Ambition.' The basic version starts at 18-thousand euros in Germany. The 4-point-67-meter length is twenty centimeters shorter than its big brother, the Superb. But it can still take just as much cargo.

The new Infotainment systems with a glass design offers an optional WiFi hotspot and an LTE module for lightning-fast data transfer. Smartphones can be plugged into the system using Skoda Connect.

The new Octavia offers a choice of four gasoline and four diesel engines, with output ranging from a fuel-efficient 63 kilowatts to a sporty 135 kilowatts. Almost all of them can be combined with the six-or-seven-speed Direct-Shift Gearboxes. Drivers looking for even more power can check out the two R-S versions. The top model puts out 169 kilowatts.