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Suzuki SX4 S-Cross new version

Mittwoch, 24. Mai. 2017

Suzuki's SX4-Cross is the latest addition to the carmaker's selection of models. The new version is distinctly larger and more comfortable than the previous SX4, which will still be available in a "classic" version. The broad range of features stand out.

Jörg Machalitzky from Suzuki touts the large -- 430 liter -- trunk and a full-range of what are usually extras even in the basic version, for example cruise control, a speed limiter, a standard start/stop system, and air conditioning.

And more is available for a bit mor money. Our test car has a navigation system, two-zone automatic air conditioning, heated leather seats front and back, and electric windows all around.

And there's an extra in the top of the line model available in Germany that our test driver Mathis Kurrat is crazy about.

He loves the huge panoramic glass sun roof. It opens very wide, providing a feeling almost like a convertible. But then you have to live with the sound of the wind.

The SX4 S-Coss is available with front or intelligent all-wheel drive, with special programs for snow and sand. But it' most at home on the road. It needs 12 seconds to sprint up to 100 kilometers an hour. Fuel consumption in the two-wheel drive, diesel model averages 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers. The car's dynamics are satisfying.

Our test driver says he can't complain about the power provided by the little 1.6-liter diesel engine in the SX4 he is driving.

A gasoline engine is also available, also with 88 kilowatts of powre and fuel consumption of 5.4 liters per 100 kilometers. The exterior has an off-road look, with matte silver trim on the front...

...the rear, and the door sills. The car clears the ground by about 17 centimeters.

The standard trunk holds 430 liters of luggage, that's nothing to sneeze at.

It's enough for a country outing with the family. But on winding country roads, the springy suspension makes itself felt.

Mathis Kurrat says he personally would prefer tighter steering, but reflects that the buyer of an SX4 S-Cross is probably not planning to race with it, anyway.

Kurrat found no real weaknesses in the SX4 S-Cross. Everything is solidly crafted; nothing creaks or rattles.

The starting price for the compact Crossover in Germany is 19,490 euros. Depending on the extras and drive train this can rise to as much as 30,000 euros.

Our tester says the almost 20,000 euro starting price may seem a bit high to some potential buyers, especially because there is competition in this segment. But he says that, if you consider the equipment and furnishings here, it's still a good offer.