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Mercedes CLA

Mittwoch, 24. Mai. 2017

Mercedes recently brought out a new mid-range coupe sedan. The CLA 200 is large and sporty, like its big brother the CLS, a 4-door coupe. Our test driver Mathis Kurrat took a closer look at the CLA 200.

He says Mercedes always calls the CLA a mid-range coupe sedan, but it actually builds on Daimler's compact series, the A class. Matthis is going to see how well it fits the mid-range category.

The car's big grille has mean-looking headlights and large air intakes.

Graceful lines flow together everywhere, underscoring the car's dynamism. Nothing here seems out of place. The streamlined rear has a dual exhauts and a well-concealed rear-view camera.

But inside, our tester finds one incongruent detail. He likes the dashboard and all the instruments: the language of shape, the vents, the materials used are all lovely. But the display in the middle of the dash for the radio, entertainment system, and navigation sticks out like a sore thumb. Mathis is sure this could have been better integrated.

The interior design is very reminiscent of Mercedes' SLS. The steering wheel, speedometer, and decorative elements all have a sporty feel.

The design is clearly structured -- except for the myriad buttons on the curvy central console .

It's a luxurious ride up front, but what about the back seats?

Mathis says the back seat shows that the car is based on the A class. And the coupe-like roof line means the back seats aren't comfortable for tall passengers.

At least there is lots of room for luggage.

Mathis says the CLA's 470-liter trunk really is mid-range level. It's only 5 liters smaller than in the C class.

For more sportiness in the CLA, you can spend an extra 2000 euros for the speedshift transmission. Our test driver is pleased overall with the CLA.

The CLA's handling really pleases our test driver, who says the car hugs the road and you don't even notice that it's a front-wheel drive. That's because the power steering reduces the typical front-wheel drive feel.

Our test car's 115 Kilowatt of power accelerate it to a maximum of 230 kilometers an hour. Its Eco Start Stop Automatic optimizes fuel consumption in city traffic.

Mathis Kurrat's summary:

Mercedes has really done a good job of avoiding confusing the CLA and the C class. The CLAs and C have smaller engines; those with the same names are simply a bit less powerful. Except for the C 200 CDI and the CLA 200 CDI, which have the same push. The two series are geared to different people. The C class is the "sensible" car, the more versatile one -- but also a little more expensive. The difference in price is between 2000 and 5000 euros, depending on the engine size. The CLA, in contrast, is more for the lifestyle-oriented buyer who plans to drive alone.

Our the urban variant of our test car with a 7-speed automatic transmission costs 37,890 euros in Germany. The basic model is available for 6,000 euros less.