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Toyota Aygo

Donnerstag, 11. Mai. 2017

Our car tester Andre Zimmermann explains that the first Toyota Aygo came out in 2005. It held its own with its nine competitors at the time. But now there are 20. Toyota wants to attract young buyers.

It's hoping to do this with the help of its unique design. Though the Aygo is the result of a cooperation between Toyota, Peugeot and Citroen, the design is definitely inspired by Japanese tradition and styles. But typically for this market segment, the car is efficient, nimble and versatile. In the Aygo's updated version, these virtues have been enhanced even more.

Countless cutomization options let customers tailor the Aygo into their dream car. The various color combinations are rich in contrasts. The "X"'s unique spoiler sets the Aygo apart from its rivals. The pattern can also be found on the rear.

The Aygo's interior is also attractive and rich in contrasts. Customers can choose the color combinations themselves. Everything is very user-friendly and comfortable. Leather seats cost 1,200 euros more. The trunk is small - also typical for this class.

When it comes to engines, the options are more limited. The three-cylinder, 1-point-0-liter, 68 horsepower engine is now even more efficient.

It climbs from zero to a hundred kilometers per hour in 14-point-2 seconds. Fuel consumption is rated at just 4-point-1 liters per one hundred kilometers. And customers who want to save on gas can opt for a greener version for 950 euros more - and then fuel consumption drop to 3-point-8 liters.

Toyota has brought out a uniquely Japanese car - it doesn't want to imitate the Europeans. But the Aygo is made in the Czech Republic. With its new starting price of 9,950 euros in Germany, the updated version is on par with its rivals and will attract many buyers - especially those at the start of their driving careers.