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Audi AP Prologue

Donnerstag, 11. Mai. 2017

High above the city of Los Angeles, in the days before the LA Auto Show, Audi presents its new show car "Prologue" to a select audience. It is designed as a preview of the upcoming Audi A9. The new four-door A9 sportback coupe is set to hit the market in 2017.

Marc Lichte:

"Here we see a concept car that serves as a teaser. It shows us the essence of future generations of the Audi A8, A7 und A6."

The flared blisters above the wheel arches are designed to recall the original Quattro model from the 1980s.

“Starting with the front face, you can see: It is still an Audi. The single frame grill is unmistakable. However, the single frame is significantly broader and more horizontal, giving the entire front a much sportier look.

In the interior, we've created a new definition of luxury by eliminating nearly all the switches. We've emphasized a quiet design with maximum breadth. All the lines are sedate and horizontal in order to accent the broadness of the automobile.”

The interior concept is also new: The Prologue shows how Audi will develop its MMI user interface in the future. The entire instrument panel will become a display. The front-seat passenger will be able to plan a route on his own monitor and transfer it onto the driver's screen with a wiping motion – but only if the driver wants him to. After all, he should not be distracted from driving.

"The Quattro is very important to us. In the future, the Quattro will be clearly visible in all Audi models. This means both the front and rear wheels will feature a very distinctive muscle design. I can assure you: You'll discover all the details of this car on the successor to the A8, as well as the A7 and A6."

There's still plenty of time until 2017. It will be interesting to see what today's "Prologue" and the upcoming A9 have in common.