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Skoda introducing its latest flagship Superb

Mittwoch, 10. Mai. 2017

Skoda presents the third generation of the Superb in Prague. Like its predecessor, it's very practical, and is chock full of clever innovations and assist systems that are meant to appeal to many drivers. Skoda is introducing its latest flagship at the Forum Karlin, one of the best-known event venues in the Czech capital. More than 500 journalists came from around the globe to watch the Superb roll out, accompanied by music from the Czech Philharmonic.

Werner Eichhorn - Skoda

Sales chief Werner Eichorn says revamping a model has a big brand impact. It's an opportunity to made a sustainable impression and continue development. In that spirit, the new Superb has been given a complete makeover with a new design and technology.

The first two generations of the midsized sedan were big hits. The latest model is hoping to follow. And not just in terms of design, but real utility as well -- such as the trunk, boasting 1,276 liters of cargo space.

Jozef Kaban - Skoda

For head designer Jozef Kaban, it's a clear combination between practicality and aesthetic appeal. As well as LOOKING good -- that's the heart and soul for designers -- it should work well, too. Getting that mix right is what it's all about.

The automotive media is thrilled about the result, as is veteran Czech singer Karel Gott.

Karel Gott – Czech entertainer

When I speak to Skoda's head of design and see what he created, then I'm proud again that we're the country of the car. It's just like back at the beginning of the 20th century.

People who want a Superb have four gasoline and three diesel engines to choose from. These can generate between 77 and 191 kilowatts of power, and meet the Euro 6 emissions standards.

Werner Eichhorn - Skoda

The "Greenline" engine is the most economical, explains our Skoda executive. It goes 100 kilometers on just 3.7 liters of fuel and only emits 95 grams of CO². The most powerful unit is the two liter turbo with 280 horsepower, 4x4, dual clutch ... It's got a top speed of 250 kilometers per hour, and shoots up to 100 kph in 5-point-8 seconds.

Clever little details like providing two umbrellas in the front doors are part of the package, as are the latest in driver assist systems.

Android and iOS smartphone networking is possible, too.

Jozef Kaban - Skoda

What's important in the interior is space, space, and more space. Elegance, space and a feeling of homey comfort. You'll experience it in a somehow familiar way -- with the combination of ambient lighting, lots of technology and the rest. You'll be able enjoy something really new and special, assures Skoda's design chief.

The new Superb is available for order NOW. Customers can expect delivery in the second half of 2015. In Germany, prices begin at 28,290 euros.