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Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake

Mittwoch, 10. Mai. 2017

As far as design goes Mercedes laid an important foundation in 2012 with the new A Class. That was a shift from a conservative image to a younger target group. The plan worked. Mercedes has managed to attract new and younger customers.

And with the CLA Shooting Brake, Mercedes has brought the idea of the lifestyle station wagon -- familiar from the bigger CLS Shooting Brake -- to the compact class.

There are two diesel and four gasoline engines to choose from. We're testing the all-wheel drive CLA 250 Shooting Brake with 155kW and dual-clutch transmission.

Packing 350 Newton meters of torque, the car accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in 6.8 seconds, with a top speed of 240 kilometers an hour. Driven gently Mercedes puts consumption at 6.6 liters over 100 kilometers.

The front of the Shooting Brake boasts all the hallmarks of the compact class.

The limited "OrangeArt Edition" adds extra design details: like orange angel eyes in the bi-xenon headlights, and dashes of colour on the front grille surround and on the alloy wheels.

In profile, the flat window design is striking - the "low greenhouse" is how the salespeople describe it.

The flowing form isn't just striking and modern. It's also pretty unbeatable when it comes to air resistance. With a drag coefficient of zero point two six, the CLA has set a new standard for a car of its class.

The interior is also sporty and striking. Metallic trimmings on the steering wheel and the round air vents suggest power and strength.

In Germany, the CLA Shooting Brake has a starting price of around 30 thousand euros. Collision Prevention and Attention assists come as standard. Mercedes' Shooting Brake is aimed at fans of competing Audi and VW models.