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Kitzbueheler Alpenrallye

Mittwoch, 10. Mai. 2017

Plenty of friendly faces and 188 vintage cars. The mood is welcoming here at the 28th Alpine Rally in Kitzbuehel. The youngster this year is the Polo G40, with Austrian singer Christina Stürmer as copilot.

Christina says their car may be newer but they'll admire all the vintage models as they pass them on the road.

Ferdinand Stuck is at the helm of the Polo. Race-car driver Hans-Joachim Stuck is his father. There's a family rivalry in the making.

Ferdinand says they're quite a bit in front of his father. They'll try to hold their position, and beat him to the finish.

For some of the vintage cars, the steep inclines are a challenge. The Polo, though, can put out 85 kilowatts. Even so, the name of the game is: join the line, and go with the flow.

But the oldsters still have a bit of oomph left in them.

In the meantime, the father-son duel is heating up. Hans-Joachim Stuck is in a red Porsche 365 B, hot on the heels of his son up ahead.

Hans-Joachim Stuck says he won't go too easy on them. Ferdinand and Christina are doing great, but now comes the slalom, where he'll clean up.

The slalom is one of the special challenges at the rally. It's an extra, and everyone competes in the same car, a modern Polo GTI. Hans-Joachim Stuck may be retired from racing, but he hasn't lost a trick.

His copilot is most definitely impressed.

Back in his trusty Porsche, he continues onward at a comfortable pace and basks in the beautiful scenery.

So it's no surprise that the Polo G40 arrives ahead of him at the finish.

Christina says it's all a matter of strategy. Of course there's always the moment where you think, Oh my God, what does this all mean?! But once you figure it out, you give yourself big pat on the shoulder. And then there's the view. They saw it all, even a cow on the road!

And Ferdinand says they achieved their goal -- ahead of his father at the finish, and on points.

Eventually the Porsche also arrives at the finish line in Kitzbuehel. The fans are here, too, for one last look.