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VW T6 Multivan

Mittwoch, 10. Mai. 2017

Fans of the VW Van have been waiting a long time - but now the sixth generation is here. It's the latest version of a classic that's graced the world's streets for 65 years.

Volkswagen's Albert Kirzinger says designers need to have a completely different approach for a product like this. It takes a lot of respect - but it's also a joy. For him, working on the new van, was an opportunity add yet milestone to this sixty-five-year history. For a designer, that's an exciting challenge.

Generation SIX is the name of this special edition, which harks back to the original T1 model with its two-tone paint. The engines are more efficient but higher in performance. And the T6 has ((6:09)) headlights with LED technology and three-mode adaptive suspension.

The design is all of a piece, and pleasing to the eye.

In the interior, the T6 has sports has some colorful touches, echoing the exterior.

You could even say the VW van is getting better with age. Over 65 years, it's grown and matured in response to new demands. For example, there's now an optional driver's assistance system with proximity sensors and city emergency braking.

And the new T6 understands smartphones. No matter which model, the central display can access mobile content. And there's also something new with the navigation system.

Volkswagen's Guido Schneider explains another new features - the online traffic flow display. The map shows the flow of traffic, depicted here in red, yellow, and green. Here in Stockholm, for example, you can see it right down to street level. And that's in real time. So you always know where the traffic jams are. And the device can re-route you around congestion.

So it's not only practical for everyday driving, it's also great on holiday. The Multivan is already on sale. Soon VW will introduce the "California" camper van. Over its 65-year history, around 12 million vans have been produced. This new generation is the next chapter in this success story.