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Seat Leon Cupra 280

Mittwoch, 10. Mai. 2017

A man, a car, a stretch of race track -- the Circuito Mallorca. But wait, you'll say, that's a station wagon! That's true. But this isn't just ANY station wagon. It's the most powerful one that Spain's automobile industry has to offer: the Seat Leon ST Cupra 280.

In our test car, it produces a maximum of 206 kilowatts of power and 350 Newton meters of torque.

Mathis Kurrat - car tester

Our car tester Mathis Kurrat says Seat has equipped the Leon Cupra with a limited slip differential on the front axle, so that the car rarely understeers anymore. The power is applied as far as possible to the outside wheel. Mathis says that makes it feel almost like a car with rear-wheel drive.

If it wasn't for an artificially limited top speed of 250 kilometers an hour, the Cupra could give a Porsche a run for its money. Seat says fuel consumption is a moderate 6-point-6 liters. But only on country roads -- not when pushing it flat out on a speedway.

The Cupra comes with either a manual or automatic double-clutch transmission, with six gears either way. Manual shifting is more fun, but on this racetrack -- which has 5 left curves and 8 right - it demands more concentration from the driver.

The most powerful Cupra starts at just under 35 thousand euros in Germany. For comparison: a Golf R Variant will set you back well over 40 thousand euros. Of course, the range of options tempts you to spend more. For example, for the performance package: which includes bigger brakes, a leather interior, and a wide selection of safety features.

The Leon Cupra costs a bit more than a Leon with the smallest engine on offer. But in comparison with other cars that pack similar amounts of power, says Mathis, it's priced very competitively. He thinks it's a good choice for people who occasionally like a brisk ride.