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Infiniti Q30

Mittwoch, 10. Mai. 2017

Infiniti is one of the last names you'd think of when talking about compact cars. But now, the luxury division of Nissan/Renault is indeed now entering this segment -- albeit with a little help from a rival.

Our car reviewer recalls the old saying that you can't pick your family. That's not quite true in the automotive world. Infiniti has embarked on a collaboration with Daimler to jointly develop new models. The Q30 is a kind of twin-brother of the A-Class, although from the exterior it looks completely different - thank God!

The Q30 boasts a design more radical than anything else in the class.

Its body is replete with curves and creases.

Standing 1 meter 48 tall, the Q30 is head to head with the Mercedes GLA!

The latter does have more cargo space, though, with the INFINITI packing in just 368 liters with the backseat up.

The loading sill is at a convenient level, so you don't have to bend too much. And the trunk is nice and wide. The only minor disappointment is the slightly stiff tailgate mechanism, but otherwise it's a very practical car.

The materials deployed for the interior are certainly up to the brand's luxury standards. The front cabin has an original design, but does also include a lot of parts taken from Mercedes.

And from the engines to the four-wheel drive available with some editions, everything comes from the A Class.

The suspension in the sports version is 7% stiffer than the regular edition.

The designers at Infiniti also ensured there would be the right suspension setup for the varying engine weights.

That integrated approach to development is intended to translate into a superior driving experience.

A bit of SUV, a bit of coupe and a bit of Mercedes. A sound combination, says Andre, and with this low entry price you're getting a lot of car for your money.

And that price is just over 24 thousand euros in Germany. But the basic version does include manually operated climate control, and Forward Collision Warning system with emergency braking.