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Porsche Panamera GTS

Mittwoch, 10. Mai. 2017

The new Panamera has more performance, grooved and vented brakes, ten millimeters less ground clearance, dynamic chassis control, adaptive air suspension and shift paddles on the steering wheel - all standard. Those are the main technical modifications that set the especially sporty Porsche Panamera GTS apart from its tamer siblings.

The Panamera GTS's powerplant is a modified, V8 aspirated engine with 4-point-8 liters of cubic capacity, 316 kilowatts of performance and a maximum torque of 520 Newton meters.

That carries this Panamera from zero to a hundred kilometers per hour in 4-point-4 seconds, with a maximum speed of 288 kilometers per hour.

GTS stands for Gran Turismo Sport. The drive is on all four wheels. The brakes are identical to the ones on the Panamera turbo version. A seven-speed dual-clutch transmission helps put the rubber optimally to the road, whether in the city, country or on the race track.

Reinhold Deisenhofer, car tester

Reinhold Deisenhofer says the dual-clutch transmission harmonizes brilliantly with the big V-8, the sports seats are perfect, both front and back - and the rear seats can be folded down. With up to 12-hundred, 63 liters of luggage space, the Porsche Panamera might be called a 'sports wagon'.

Deisenhofer points out that Porsche rates fuel consumption at ten-point-three liters per hundred kilometers - and it's true, as long as you're driving on the autobahn and don't exceed 140 kilometers per hour. But for city driving, anything less than 15 liters is unrealistic. And it's just so much fun to hear the Porsche roar.