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DS 4

Mittwoch, 10. Mai. 2017

What was once known as the Citroen Ds is now its own brand. Among the changes compared to the model's predecessor are combined LED and xenon headlamps -- which the automaker says improve illumination by 51 percent. There are similarities on the sides and rear, though. The DS 4 is pretty much the old DS after a facelift.

The very first Citroen DS hit the market in 1955. It combined avant-garde design with new technology. For example, it introduced a hydraulic suspension and bending light headlights.

The DS 4 is conceived more for comfort than for sportiness. Adjustable-height like in the original DS isn't available, and neither is and adjustable suspension stiffness system -- even if you're willing to pay extra.

Apart from the seating, our test car does offer a comfortable ambience. Extras and materials worth about 5,100 euros have been added in the interior. Among the goodies are a leather-upholstered dashboard and the light brown leather itself. The instruments are mostly digital, but color graphics would be more contemporary and elegant. The surcharge for this package includes a massage function in the seats.

The base price for the DS 4 in Germany is just under 24,000 euros -- which sounds tempting. But beware: the variant we tested -- with the most powerful gasoline engine, the THP 210 -- starts at around 28,000 euros. And with extras like leather and additional assistant systems, it's easy to hit 40,000.