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Alfa Romeo Mito

Mittwoch, 10. Mai. 2017

Compacts are an important segment of the automobile industry. They are attractive for both novice and experienced drivers, and also as a second car. So it's not surprising that the selection on the market is large. Individuality is becoming more and more important in compacts. So why not choose a car that stands out from the masses -- like the MiTo, from Italy.

We're testing the Mito in the Junior edition. Its white 17-inch wheels and mirror covers are eyecatchers. The Junior logo on the rear is attractive, too.

Inside, the seats vary with the equipment package. The Infotainment system has a 5-inch touchscreen.

Our MiTo with the basic engine costs 16,600 euros in Germany. It gets a top speed of 165 kilometers an hour. This engine does without turbo-charging and generates only 57 kilowatts.

For an additional 1,300 euros, you can get the MiTo with the 0-point-9 liter TwinAir engine. This turbo-charged two-cylinder offers 72 kilowatts and adds 30 Newton meters of torque to the basic engine. And the investment could pay off in saved fuel, because the more expensive engine is supposed to consume 1-point-4 liters less gasoline per 100 kilometers.