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Maxda CX-3

Mittwoch, 10. Mai. 2017

Mini SUVs are gaining in popularity all over the world. So now Mazda has presented its contender for the compact segment: the new CX-3 - an apparently successful crossover blending the Mazda 2 with the bigger CX-5.

The two-liter, direct-injection gasoline engine puts 88 kilowatts into the front-wheel drive or 110 kilowatts into the all-wheel drive. We tested the stronger of the two, which makes the leap from zero to a hundred kilometers per hour in 8-point-7 seconds. The average fuel consumption is rated at 6-point-4 liters per hundred kilometers.

Like all new model Mazdas, the CX-3's body is shaped by the Kodo 'Soul of Motion' design language evoking the 'instantaneous motion seen in living creatures'.

Clarity and ergonomics guided the interior design. The driver's seat features a large range of settings. And the CX-3 provides ample leg and shoulder room.

A diesel engine is also available for the CX-3 with or without all-wheel drive. But it's the very low starting price of 17-thousand, 990 euros for Germany that will make the Mazda CX-3 tough competition for the German BMW X1 and the Audi Q3.