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BMW seventh generation 5 Series

Dienstag, 9. Mai. 2017

BMW presents the seventh generation of its 5 Series.

The business-class bestseller has various new developments to offer. Its aerodynamics have been enhanced, and that means more power with lower fuel consumption -- and what customer wouldn't like THAT?! We test drove the 540i with a sizeable 3-liter engine.

Ian Robertson – BMW

"The core of the brand in many respects is the 5-series and the 3-series. And of course, the 5-series has got great history back from 1972 or, dare I say, 44 years ago this car really did create a segment, that has become synonymous with the core of BMW. You see the brand being shaped from the top. You know, 7-series, the i8. But if you asked a lot of customers, they see this car as one which really stands for everything BMW is positioned for.”

Visually, the 5-series looks like its big brother, the 7-series. That's due to the kidney grilles in front, which join up with the headlights and give the 5-series a much broader look.

The M Sport package, costing an additional 4,600 euros, comprises a range of technical and styling extras.

It's an icon with plenty of power. The standard 6-cylinder engine produces 250 kilowatts for a top speed of 250 kilometers an hour. The new model sprints from zero to a hundred in 5-point-1 seconds. Prices start at 57,700 euros in Germany. Rear-wheel drive makes this agile car live up to BMW's slogan "The Ultimate Driving Machine".