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Jaguar XJ R-Sport luxury flagship

Montag, 19. Feb. 2018

We're testing the British brand's luxury flagship in the R-Sport variant. Its characteristics are black details on the grille, optional 20-inch wheel rims... and strikingly shaped side sills.

Side vents and an unobtrusive rear spoiler lip round out the Jaguar's sporty look. The car's dynamic performance and high-quality appearance are enhanced by the aluminum construction with its clean, narrow-gapped panel alignment.

Steel springs on the front axle and pneumatic suspension in the back are standard in all XJs. The adaptive suspension works with highly sensitive shock absorbers. You don't have to choose comfort or sport modes; the suspension adjusts constantly and automatically to road conditions and your driving style.

Impressive is the maximum torque of 700 Newton meters. The 8-speed automatic transmission brings this rear-wheel-drive car from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in 6-point-2 seconds.

The interior boasts exquisite materials: aluminum, chrome, piano lacquer... The instrument panels display fine leather. The three-spoke leather steering wheel underscores the XJ's sportiness. Of course both the front and back seats can be heated and cooled.

Starting price for the XJ in Germany is 83,000 euros. But the version we're driving costs 100,000.