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Nissan Juke Nismo RS

Donnerstag, 14. Dez. 2017

The Nissan Juke is an unusual crossover SUV for city driving, and it will definitely attract attention. But the Juke is more than an urban eyecatcher; it has special intrinsic qualities. It's a sophisticated version of the Nismo -- short for Nissan Motor Sport, and this car calls for a driver who can make full use of its potential.

The motor sport enthusiasts at Nismo have managed to squeeze 160 kilowatts out of the rather small 1-point-6 liter, turbocharged, direct fuel-injection engine. That's enough for a top speed of 220 kilometers an hour. The car we're testing starts at 28,605 euros in Germany.

The appearance of the NORMAL Juke is anything but reserved. The top-of-the-line model also boasts Nismo badging, and details with red accents.

The instruments, too, have badging and bright red accents.

The Nismo has its own special exhaust system that produces a sporty rumble.

Along with the suspension adjustment that's mandatory in a sports model, our vehicle has front-wheel drive and a differential lock. As an alternative, the Nismo Juke RS comes with all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission, which eliminates understeering by better distributing torque to the rear axle.