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Skoda Octavia Scout All-wheel drive

Freitag, 3. Nov. 2017

Plenty of space makes the Skoda Octavia Scout station wagon a true family car. All-wheel drive makes it a great off-roader, too, and gives it a more solid, safer feel - and greatly improves traction when it's needed. The Scout stands three centimeters higher than a regular Octavia station wagon.

The center console is tidy, trimmed in piano black and forms a suitable frame for Skoda's famous infotainment system.

The three-spoke steering wheel lies comfortably in the driver's hands. As in other Skoda models, the instruments are up to date and easy to read.

Skoda offers only one trim level for its Octavia Scout station wagon. The "silver-colored underbody protection" in back and front gives it a robust, off-roader look.

On the subject of cargo space - this one provides 667 liters.

The tail lights have the C-shape typical of Skodas.

The two-point-6-8-meter wheel base leaves enough room inside for all occupants to ride in comfort wherever they're sitting. The front has been completely re-done. The new grille is quite a bit wider than its predecessor's. The logo graces every imaginable spot, almost like an Eagle scout's collection of badges.

One gasoline-powered and three diesel engines are available for the Scout. Our test car has the strongest diesel, coupled with a six-speed DSG transmission. It cuts a very decent figure on rough terrain with its 135-kilowatt output and all-wheel drive. With a top speed of 219 kilometers per hour and an array of safety systems, it'll get you where you're going swiftly and safely.