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IAA 2017 Recaro

Montag, 9. Okt. 2017

Martin Klein, Vice President of Recaro: 
“Recaro has been tending to sport seats since 1965, when we first started developing them, and the first bucket seats approved for use in everyday road vehicles went on the market in 1967. Ever since then, Recaro has made a name for itself again and again with our innovations, our sporty spirit, our precision and above all our quality.”

But the company is not resting on its laurels.

“Our direction will still be sporty driving, but also comfortable driving, and how to combine the two. For example we have a new seat in the show, the Recaro Performance Seat Platform, that combines the topic of lightweight automotive equipment with comfort and sportiness, and it features various different design elements depending on the customer’s tastes. This is the seat we are showing, and you can see that it has a very lean silhouette, but it’s still very stable and robust. We can bring all kinds of features into this seat – from adjustable side bolsters and air vents to every imaginable adjustment of seating position and posture. That means we can accommodate any type of body, any size etc, we can always make the necessary adjustments.”

Of course Recaro is also an established fixture on the racing scene. Indeed, in racing the right seat plays an enormous role, according to motorsports driver Ulrich Andree, who has participated in many races including the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring.

Ulrich Andree, racing driver: 
Along with the steering wheel, the seat of the racing car is the primary point of contact between the driver and the car. You can just feel the car along your extended back, and your bottom. Sure, you use the steering wheel to steer the car, but you feel what the car is doing, basically the motion of the wheels is conveyed through the floor of the car into the seat, and that’s really what race car driving is all about, that’s how you feel the car.

The shell is the shell. But you can personalize the seat. And that’s especially important for endurance races, for example when we have three drivers and we take pit stops at regular intervals. You can exchange these pads. They have different models, different thicknesses, different strengths. That works for both small and large drivers, that works for narrow or wide drivers, so yeah, it can be totally personalized. But the shell is still the shell.