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Jeep Grand Cherokee flagship

Montag, 26. Jun. 2017

For over 20 years, the imposing Grand Cherokee has been US car maker Jeep's flagship model. Including mirrors, it's 2 meters point 16 wide. On German roads, it looks and feels pretty oversized.

True to the slogan 'Big is Beautiful', the Jeep sticks out in traffic -- not least because it's 1-point-8 meters tall. A special version released in honor of the car maker's 75th birthday sports bronze-colored decorative elements. Twenty inch light-alloy rims emphasize the brawny appearance. A 3-liter diesel motor sends the Grand Cherokee hurtling down the road.

The back offers 782 liters of cargo space over a flat surface.

With strategically placed real wood appliqués, the interior is pretty elegant.

A wheelbase of nearly three meters translates into lots of room for passengers and cargo.

Characteristic design elements like the brand's trademark grille with seven air intakes make the Grand Cherokee look like a monster of the road. That impression is emphasized by the vehicle's chunky, massive body design. It looks pretty slow. Is it?

Its power is nothing to sneeze at -- 184 kilowatts, and it can hit 100 kilometers an hour in just over 8 seconds. Jeep says the Grand Cherokee burns 7 liters of fuel over 100 kilometers. But in our test it guzzled over ten liters in that distance.

Which brings us back to customers for this most American of cars. Longer travel distances in the US make the Jeep's comfort factor appealing there.

That isn't stopping customers in Europe from buying it. The Grand Cherokee is popular here -- even twenty years after its launch.