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Hyundai i30

Donnerstag, 1. Jun. 2017

The car buyer's average age has been steadily rising for over twenty years now. But Hyundai has bucked the trend. Its customers are two years younger than the German average – making it the envy of big rivals such as Toyota, Opel and VW. One of Hyundai's main selling points for the i-30 is a starting price of 17,450 euros. Although you get the engine pay for: just 74 kilowatts of power.

The most powerful engine with 103-kilowatts still comes up a bit short compared to similar models. German and other manufacturers offer engines with quite a bit more power, but Hyundai's already gearing up for the challenge.

The design is likewise big on emotion – with the styling providing the car’s primary appeal.

The Korean brand is the only carmaker to produce its own steel. The proportion of high-tensile steels has been increased to 53 percent in the interest of safety and driving dynamics. Inside, the i-30 could easily hold its own with a VW Golf.

The cargo area holds just about 400 liters with the rear seats folded up. At present, the i-30 is a safe investment for value-conscious buyers – and made even safer by a five-year guarantee with unlimited mileage.

The top-line equipment package with the new 140-horsepower gasoline engine and seven-speed dual-clutch transmission lists at 28,350 euros in Germany -- about what you'd pay for a similarly equipped VW Golf, but without the generous guarantee.