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Citroen DS3 Racing

Dienstag, 16. Mai. 2017

As Mathis says, the VW Polo has its GTI version, and the DS3 has its Racing: the sportscar variant of Citroen's compact model. And now there's a limited edition of one hundred convertibles. It's not a full convertible, as these side rails remain in place when the roof's down. But then, you can also open it at full speed.

And then it's time for fun in the sun. Hardly any of its competitors offers a convertible version, let alone with this kind of performance. The DS3 Racing's 1.6 liter engine can harness 152 kilowatts of power. That takes this little rocket from zero to 100 in just 6 and a half seconds. Top speed is 235 kilometers an hour.

Mathis says when you return from shopping having left the roof open and want to stow your purchase, you'll need patience. First the roof has to shift upwards, and THEN you can open the hatch. The DS3 convertible offers 245 liters of cargo space. But loading isn't simple, because all you've got is a cramped and impractical opening.

But back to the roof... Better to close it before going shopping anyway, if only for security's sake. The completely open roof also has its disadvantages. Think visibility.

When the roof is down, the rear view mirror is blocked. Even if you turn around, you can't see much. But, the generous side mirrors and big windows do help.

And taking curves you should be looking forward anyway. On country roads the DS3 turns into a little power pack that keeps its driver comfortable.

The DS3 Racing convertible is definitely a fun car. But personally, Mathis wouldn't pay such a high price for a car in which the fun factor far outweighs the practical side.

38 thousand 490 euros in Germany isn't exactly spare change. But perhaps the idea of being one of only 100 is compensation. And the enjoyment factor could clinch the deal. So if you like muscle, design and exclusivity, you might just fall for the DS3 Racing