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Porsche Macan Turbo S

Montag, 15. Mai. 2017

Porsche says its new Porsche Macan is a sports car, but our tester Klaus Niedzwiedz thinks it's an SUV. At least everyone can agree that it looks good. Klaus is going to give the Macan a real grilling, as he takes it on the road near Leipzig.

Porsche has moved into the compact SUV market, and it couldn't be doing better. In its first year of production, the Macan sold out. The SUV, which is based on the Audi Q5, seems to be a banker for Porsche.

The 3-litre engine puts out a powerful 250 kilowatts. Macan means Tiger in Indonesian, and this tiger can really roar. The car can go from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in just 5-point-4 seconds.

Klaus wants to know if it copes with rougher terrain just as well, to see if it can really be called an SUV. The series standard offroad setting gives the car an extra 40 millimeters ground clearance. All the relevant systems switch to offroad settings, too. Porsche's traction management system allows variable torque distribution, which lets it cover even the most difficult terrain. A 100 percent grade is no problem for the Macan. The hill start assistant helps keep the speed constant. That also helps on steep downhills. It easily copes with a 45 degree side incline too.

The design is similar to the Panamera and the 9-11. A range of 3 engines are offered. We tested the diesel engine Macan S, which starts at 58 thousand euros. If you want your tiger turbocharged, you'll have to shell out almost 80 thousand.

Klaus says, even though the Macan isn't a sports car, it's the sportiest SUV he knows. And it has everything you need, with comfort, luxury, and enough space for the whole family.