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Newest BMW 5er Touring

Montag, 15. Mai. 2017

BMW presents the newest 5 Series Touring. When it comes to development, the first step is to create the design of the sedan. Once it is ready, the touring is developed by itself from that basis.

Claus-Otto Griebel, Project Manager BMW 5 Series Touring

„This kind of parallel development ist he reason we are able to offer the 5 Series touring just 3 months after the launch of the sedan.“

„There are two major innovations for the touring. On the one hand we have the space functional rear axle, which creates a flat loading floor, a wide opening and high payload without sacrificing any comfort. On the other hand we have the location oft he blinds which is not only the first time at BMWs but also the first time marketwide.“

The 5 series touring offers up to 1700 Litres of cargo space and 720kg of payload.

„The Touring is an entirely euopean vehicle. That means 95% oft he sales happen in Europe and it plays a major role. In Germany and Italy the Touring is sold even more often than the sedan. In other countries it makes up for about one third of 5 Series sales. All in all it is quite a competitor in Europe.“

Prices fort he new 5 Series Touring start at 47.700 Euros for the smallest diesel engine. It boasts 140 kW or rather 190 hp. The 530d we tested provides 265 hp and costs at least 56.800 Euros.