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Audi A3 e-tron

Mittwoch, 10. Mai. 2017

Most carmakers are designing vehicles to be environmentally friendly and low on emissions. With the A3 e-tron, Audi is taking the next step in this direction. This is the first Audi model with Plug-In-Hybrid Technology.

Our car tester asks: why should people drive hybrid cars? There are a couple of reasons, he says. For one, 80 percent of drivers cover fewer than 50 kilometers a day. That's the range of this car - it's all most people need. Another reason is money. Driving 50 kilometers in a conventional gasoline-powered car costs around 4 euros 50. With this car and the current electricity price, 50 kilometers costs 1 euro 75.“

This EV button is used to select various driving modes. For example, driving on electric power alone or driving very quietly. I can also save the battery charge or increase it. If I'm going to drive around town, it might be important for me to be CO2-neutral and make less noise.

On electric drive, the A3 e-tron goes from 0 to 60 kilometers an hour in 4-point-9 seconds with a top speed of 130 kilometers an hour. When the combustion engine kicks in, the top speed shoots up to 222. Audi says the model averages 1-point-5 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers, if drivers make full use of the electrical engine and drive with discipline.

Our car tester adds another relevant detail: the whole system puts out 350 Newton meters, which makes for a relaxed driving experience.

The A3 electric's e-tron badging on the front and the rear is the first difference to the other A3s we notice. The situation is much the same inside. The e-tron badging, chrome and matte colors give the A3 e-tron a futuristic feel.

So the car can't do entirely without gas. Our verdict.

Our tester was very impressed. He was surprised how well the technology worked although it's extremely complex. This technology has a price tag of 37,900 euros, but he thinks that's money well spent.