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Porsche Targa GTS

Mittwoch, 10. Mai. 2017

These are the sporting purists from the Porsche family - its GTS models. Test driver Klaus Niedzwiedz says there's a newcomer to the 911 series, the Targa GTS. You might ask why... Well, some people want a car that differs from the basic model, one that's sportier, more powerful. And the Targa GTS also has a different suspension, for better road handling. And where's the best place to test it? On a race track. And that's where Klaus is: on the Ascari race track in southern Spain.

As a former racing driver, Klaus is eager to test the GTS in the Sport Plus version with the electronic stability system turned off. He takes the Targa top model to its limits.

Klaus Niedzwiedz's first impressions: the engine has real bite, 430 horsepower. No one needs that much, but here on a racetrack it enables him to drive very fast laps. Klaus says the engine responds as soon as you press the gas pedal: the car takes off like a rocket.

The Targa GTS has a 6-cylinder, 316-kilowatt boxer engine that launches it from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in 4-point-3 seconds -- hard to top. But power like that calls for a suspension to match.

Our test driver says the chassis is a centimeter closer to the road than the standard Targa, enabling it to take curves faster. The car's aerodynamics help it hug the road. A higher rear spoiler also helps it take curves faster. And that's what Klaus will do now. The rear swings out a bit, says Klaus. What fun!

Our vehicle tester likes that you can drive this Targa with the roof down. Though you sit in a relatively enclosed cockpit, you feel the wind and the speed. It's really fun to drive: very sporty, but quite a smooth ride. It's very quick and feels very positive. Klaus Niedzwiedz is now going to do a country road test: after all, he says, that's where most people will be driving their Targa GTS.

Luckily, there are some picturesque country roads in southern Spain. And what could be better than to be travelling along in a convertible when the weather is fine. The Targa is also more comfortable than most of the 911 series -- and dynamic, to boot.

Our vehicle tester Klaus Niedzwiedz says the Targa is a really nice convertible that's also suitable for everyday use. The 137,000 euro price tag, however, does put him off a bit -- and also means that the pleasure will remain reserved for the select few.

So lean back and enjoy ... You can always dream that you're taking the Targa GTS out for a spin.