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One Porsche Drive —

Porsche Experience Center Atlanta

Mittwoch, 10. Mai. 2017

"One Porsche Drive" is the leading address of the luxury German carmaker in North America. Porsche has spent 100 million dollars to transform an old Ford assembly plant into an automotive palace. It's Porsche's largest ever investment outside Germany. The Experience Center Atlanta offers a classic car exhibition, driving simulators, a performance center and a 1200-square-meter business center for conferences and events.

Our car test Reinhold Deisenhofer asks: why spend one hundred million dollars? The ultra-rich can play the stock market, buy a yacht or plane or build a racing test track. But now people can test out the capabilities of the SUV or sports car, off the regular road. And it brings people one step closer to buying a car, of course.

The grand opening of One Porsche Drive attracted journalists from all over the world.

„Bravo… Cheers… Thank you Porsche… Many happy years…“

The carmaker expects its new North American headquarters to attract 30,000 visitors a year. Supervisory board chairman Wolfgang Porsche was also there.

Porsche said that he was involved, and it was a real challenge. It was supposed to look nice but not be too expensive.

Look nice, it does, as anyone who has enjoyed the 2-point-6 kilometer test track can attest. Those who have can hardly wait to get back on it.

Reinhold says driving instruction is always a good idea. You don't just want to be fast, but safe, too. That starts with things like proper sitting position and emergency braking techniques. At the same time, people should have fun. That's why Daimler are also building a test center in Atlanta. It's got the busiest airport in the entire US, which makes it easily accessible from across the country.

Of course, the 20,500 square meter grounds wouldn't be complete without an Offroad Park. If classic Porsches are built for tight curves, SUVs like Cayenne and the Macan are designed for rough terrain.

Reinhold tells us that most SUV owners are proud of their vehicles, and it would be embarrassing if they lost their nerve off-road. Here they can practice, so they look good going up and down mountains.

And One Porsche Drive is hardly the end of the Porsche Experience Centers. The carmaker plans to build similar corporate attractions in other parts of the world.

Porsche chief executive Matthias Müller says the carmaker is building a Driving Experience Center in Shanghai and plans further ones in Moscow and Istanbul. Another in Le Mans will incorporate the famous track. Müller says Porsche hopes to offer customers something special.

But for now One Porsche Drive is the carmaker's premier bid to make Porsche more accessible to people around the world.