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Volkswagen Sharan

Mittwoch, 10. Mai. 2017

Two decades on from the original launch of the Sharan, Volkswagen has given the second generation a little makeover. Its trademark qualities such as the flexible interior concept, ride comfort and safety are still on board, PLUS a couple of new goodies.

The design of the 7-seater MPV is more or less the same. Among the new additions: bolder front lamps, and LED lights at the rear.

As always, the sliding doors mean easy access for passengers.

The interior boasts classic VW hallmarks. The layout: absolutely driver-friendly.

The variable seating concept has likewise been retained. The standard cargo volume is 822 liters, with the seats down rising to almost 2,300 liters.

Klaus Niedzwiedz, Car tester

The magic word these days, says Klaus, is "Connectivity". And this Sharan meets the requirements. You can plug in your smartphone to this multi-media system, allowing you to view your phone display on the monitor.

While your phone is connected to the system, you can call up the most important functions on the color TFT display. You can browse through your archive of music tracks, for example, and pick one to play via the touchscreen.

Klaus has saved the really positive aspect until last. The new edition costs no more than its predecessor: 32-thousand euros for the base model, which comes with a gasoline engine. The diesel equivalent costs just under 33 and a half thousand.

They say "Never change a winning team" - and that's certainly true with the VW Sharan.