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Volkswagen Touran

Mittwoch, 10. Mai. 2017

Our car tester Reinhold Deisenhofer says the VW Touran is popular with families. But the carmaker makes lots of cars in the class -- including the Golf Sportsvan, the Golf Variant, the Caddy, and the Sharan. Then there's the Passat, and the Passat utility wagon. Other manufacturers offer similar models. So, Reinhold asks, why do people buy Tourans? Because they're practical and flexible.

The new Touran is even MORE flexible than its predecessor. That's due mostly to the fact that for this second edition of the car, VW has not only updated the design, but also made big technical improvements in its production. The Touran is based on a Modular Transverse Matrix platform. That allowed designers to add eleven centimeters to the wheel-base...and makes the car 13 centimeters bigger overall. The five-seater model, for example, now has 1980 liters of cargo space.

Reinhold points out that the tailgate is a lot easier to open -- and you can fold down the seven seats to make even more room, turning a compact family-van into a transport vehicle.

This is NOT time-lapse photography; it really does happen that fast. You don't have to remove the seats to create all that storage space.

Reinhold recommends that buyers choose the fold-down passenger-seat option. That will allow you to load items that are up to 2.7 meters long.

The Touran is currently available with a power output of either 81- or 110 kilowatts. We tested the 110-kilowatt stick-shift model. The engine came equipped with the "Highline" package of options. That brought the price of our five-passenger vehicle, in Germany, to just under 33 and a half thousand euros. The six-passenger model costs several hundred more.