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Ford Mustang GT

Mittwoch, 10. Mai. 2017

A car for really tough guys - like Mathis! The Mustang GT is pretty much the most powerful car currently being produced by Ford. OK, the hat looks kind of lame... but cruising down country roads has to be a lot of fun - provided you can find a section where no speed limits apply! Let's see how Mathis fares.

Mathis would prefer to really put the mighty V8 through its paces, with its five-liter displacement and 310 kiloWatts of power.

If you dig the spurs in, the pony car will race off to 100 kilometers per hour in 4-point-8 seconds. And if there are no pasture fences in your way, you can gallop all the way up to 250 k-p-h.

Until now the Mustang was only available with rear-wheel drive, although Mathis has heard that's going to change later this year.

Apparently there are plans to introduce a four-wheel drive version.

The Ford Mustang GT is probably the most affordable option for acquiring a new V8. On the down side: the engine is relatively thirsty, and here and there the interior materials leave a little to be desired. But overall Mathis reckons it boasts a fantastic price to performance ratio, and it's fun too, thanks to the 400-plus horsepower under the hood. It sure beats riding down the road with just the one horse.