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Bentley Bentayga

Mittwoch, 10. Mai. 2017

Bentley has decided to enter the SUV fray with its Bentayga, and it’s already in a class of its own. Sporting 447 kilowatts of power, the ultraluxe SUV sells for well over 200,000 in Germany. Off-road, the Bentayga masters every challenge.

Our car tester Mathis Kurrat says that there no shortage of pricey SUVs on the market, with a sticker price of 100-thousand euros. Some are even suitable for off-road driving. But until now there hasn't been a truly luxury SUV out there, something along the lines of a large touring sedan, like a Bentley, that's also suitable off the road. The new Bentley Bentayga has changed that.

It's a very elegant car. You could even call it stately. But that still raises a question, as Mathis points out:

Who really needs a car like this? ... Nobody really NEEDS one, but when it comes to luxury cars, that's beside the point. The question is, who wants one, and who can afford it?

Good question. In Germany, the Bentayga sells for well over 200-thousand euros. What's the first impression?

Mathis says he doesn't feel like he's sitting in a two-ton-plus SUV. The handling is very smooth and precise, and there's no roll to the left or the right when you drive quickly into a curve. Not bad!

So the Bentayga is a winner on the roads. But what about off the asphalt?

6 liters, 12 cylinders, 447 kilowatts. That should be enough to handle a bit of off-road driving. And indeed, the Bentayga puts up a spirited performance. The only downside is visibility.

Mathis says he can't see much. Ah, here's the top, and now he's headed down again!

State-of-the-art electronic control systems keep the Bentayga on course.

Wolfgang Dürheimer says a V8 Diesel is due in a year, and a V6 hybrid in two years. That will be Bentley Motor's first vehicle that can go fully-electric, with a range of about 50 kilometers in the city.

But the first version off the block is a power-packed 12-cylinder.

Mathis says the Bentayga is quite handy off-road. But he's not really sure if he'd want to drive a car in this price category in terrain like this!

Instead he heads for some terrain where there are no rocks or trees to scratch the paint job: out into the desert for some dune boarding.

But does SUV like the Bentayga NEEDs to be able to handle sand? Mathis says he's never taken a car like this into sand before!

Bentley's Rolf Frech admits that sand driving might not seem crucial. But ((they've found that)) in the Middle East, how well a car handles sand is a very important criterion.