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McLaren Sport Series

Mittwoch, 10. Mai. 2017

McLaren's entry-level Sport Series consists of three vehicles. The most inexpensive one, the 540C, costs a cool 160,000 Euros and was unveiled the same year as its big brother, the 570S. That model offers even better performance. The cars from this series are the first McLarens with mirrors for make-up and glove compartments.

The youngest member of the family, the 570GT, is the most practical in everyday use.

But the McLaren GT, of course, reaches its destination more comfortably than the 570 S. That's because of the reduced spring rates of the front and back axles. They make the 570 GT more comfortable, if less suited to the race track. Nonetheless, it still has the same power and velocity as its sportier sibling. A top speed of 328 kilometers an hour and 570 horsepower should be enough for any lead foot, although it is zero-point-2 seconds slower accelerating.

The red leather and the carbon-fiber decorative elements are real eyecatchers. Like its siblings, the GT has control buttons in the middle to adjust steering and engine performance.

The 570GT comes with a standard set of eight loudspeakers. A Bowers & Wilkins hi fi system with 12 speakers and 1280 watts is optional. The comfort the McLaren offers makes it serious competition for Porsche's 911 Turbo.

Ultimately, the 540C triumphs in terms of value for money,

the trump card of the 570S is its sportiness,

and the 570GT is the most practical member of the series.